Have you ever dreamed of learning about art from a master? Have you ever looked at a painting and wanted to ask the artist how he did it? If your answer to either of these questions is yes, you need to attend this virtual presentation.

Internationally acclaimed marine artist and recent Order of British Columbia recipient John M. Horton is giving a virtual presentation on October 27 at 4:00 pm. Horton will talk about his work, and he’ll show images of his paintings in this lavishly illustrated presentation.

Horton will use photographs of a painting in progress to illustrate how he produces his work. Horton is known for detailed and technically accurate paintings of contemporary ships and historical vessels and the exciting landscape and historical buildings that form backgrounds. Horton’s techniques, developed over years of producing architectural renderings and designs for world-wide clients, are incorporated in these stunning paintings.

Horton will share stories about his lifelong love of and journeys on the. As a child he carried a sailboat under his arm – not a teddy bear, and his appreciation for ocean travel only grew with time.  He’ll talk about how an accident he had at four years old changed his life.  And he’ll tell fun stories about his training and apprenticeship. He’ll also reveal why he decided to start painting the story of Captain Vancouver and why is he still painting this story after having produced over 50 paintings.

The presentation will also include peeks at a current works in progress—a piece about Venice and one about the Royal Canadian Navy. He will also share a painting featuring HMS Erebus. Horton had just finished designing a coin for the Royal Canadian Mint featuring the Erebus when the ship was found.

Photo of a man in front of a painting of a ship.

John Horton designed a coin featuring HMS Erebus for the Royal Canadian Mint.

John Horton designed a coin for the Royal Canadian Mint featuring HMS Erebus

If you love marine art this is the presentation for you. If you like hearing entertaining tales about a fascinating life, this presentation is for you.

Tickets are only $5. Get yours today.