Take a family trip to the top of the world with the Vancouver Maritime Museum. Travel virtually to the Arctic, a place like no other. Explore the extraordinary polar region that is home to incredible Arctic animals at our free virtual Family Day event, Arctic Adventure on February 15 at 10:30 am. This 90-minute excursion to the Arctic has a little something for everyone.

Your itinerary begins with a presentation by our programs supervisor Dennis Chen about the amazing Arctic ecosystem and the many species of animals that it supports. Dennis will talk about a wide variety of land and marine animals that showcase Arctic biodiversity. Some of the animals featured include:

  • polar bear
  • narwhal
  • snowy owl
  • walrus.

The presentation will include craft time where families can make their own Arctic octopus with items from around the house. To make the octopus, you’ll want to have these items handy:

  • Craft roll (toilet paper roll)Photo of scissors, paper roll, markers and pencil
  • Coloured markers or crayons
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

While you’re finishing your octopus craft, Dennis will lead a discussion about how climate change is impacting the Arctic. And he’ll take some time to answer all of your Arctic questions.

The next stop in your adventure is a story time for kids aged four and up. VMM intern Nikki Hashemian will read In Arctic Waters by Laura Crawford, an adaptation of The House That Jack Built that follows polar bears, walruses, narwhals and belugas as they chase each other around Arctic waters.

Families looking for outdoor Family Day adventure are invited to visit Vanier Park to look for maritime-themed riddles and jokes on display for Heritage Week (February 15-21).

Arctic Animals is free, but you need to register to gain access to the event.