Grade 4 to Grade 5

90 minutes

In Arctic Explorers, students will find out if they have what it takes to become a successful Arctic explorer. They’ll hear the fascinating stories of seafarers who succeeded and those who failed. And they’ll learn how the traditional knowledge and lifestyle of the Inuit could improve their chance of survival in the Arctic environment. Then they’ll climb aboard the famous RCMP vessel St. Roch to discuss the experiences of Captain Henry Larsen and his crew.

Program Structure

  • 10-minute introduction
  • 75 minutes of program activities
  • 5-minute wrap-up

Big Ideas

These concepts are covered in the program:

  • The pursuit of valuable natural resources has played a key role in changing the land, people and communities of Canada.
  • Natural resources continue to shape the economy and identity of different regions of Canada.


Social Studies

  • Early contact, trade, co-operation and conflict between First Peoples and European people
  • Physical features and natural resources of Canada
  •  Resources and economic development in different regions of Canada

Curriculum Connections

Social Studies

  • Use social studies inquiry processes and skills to:
    • Ask questions
    • Gather information
    • Interpret ideas
    • Analyze ideas
    • Communicate findings and decisions
  • Build arguments defending the significance of individuals, groups, places, events or developments (significance)
  • Sequence objects, images or events, and determine continuities and changes between different time periods or places (continuity and change)

COVID-19 and School Programs

Students aged 18 and under are not required to provide proof of vaccination for school visits. The VMM is closely following provincial guidelines and will adjust programs as needed.  


In-person programs

$7.25 per student (minimum 15 students)

Virtual Programs

$75.00 per class (30 students)
additional class can be booked for $35

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