Talk Like a Pirate

Ahoy! September 19 is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. It’s the perfect time for all you landlubbers to take a pirate-themed tour. And shiver-me-timbers, we’ve got you covered. At 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, September 19, we’re hoisting the sails on a family-friendly voyage through time.

Dress Like a Pirate

This one-hour guided tour starts with a do-it-yourself craft that will help you get into the mindset of a pirate. Pirates were at sea for months on end and had to make many things themselves. The pirate hat you make will also help you look the part. We’ll teach you some fun pirate lingo too.

Act Like a Pirate

Then you’ll go to the Pirate Cove exhibition where you’ll learn the pirate code of conduct. You’ll learn the meaning behind pirate flags and hear stories about infamous pirates like Blackbeard, Ann Boney and Mary Read.
Then you’ll heave ho and head to the foc’sle to learn about what life was like on board a pirate ship. You’ll learn:

  • where pirates slept on a ship
  • what pirates ate when they were at sea
  • how pirates cooked their food at sea

Learn About Ships

Once you look like a pirate and know how to talk, act and live like a pirate, you’ll get to climb aboard the St. Roch. Here you’ll learn the differences between the St. Roch and a pirate ship. You’ll also learn how the St. Roch is similar to a pirate ship.

Get Tickets

The Arr! Pirates Tour includes free admission to the museum. You can take in the galleries and exhibitions before or after your tour (or both). Tickets for the tour are $13.50 for adults, $11 for students and seniors and $10 for youth. There are limited tickets available, so book now to secure your spot. If you have any difficulty booking, please email