Virtual Tour of the PME

Earth Day is April 22, and to celebrate, the VMM is hosting virtual tours of the Pacific Museum of Earth (PME), one on April 22 (4:00 p.m.) for adults and one on April 24 (10:30 a.m.) for kids.

Daniel Gowryluk will guide you through the PME’s main exhibit themes including:

  • Life Through Time
  • Earth’s Treasures
  • Natural Disasters

You’ll learn about the history of local fossils and hear the stories of valuable minerals and gems and some of the most powerful forces that shape our planet. You’ll get to see some of the PME’s most popular displays, and you’ll venture behind the scenes to explore specimens that have never before been seen by the public.

You’ll learn about B.C.’s provincial fossil, a bizarre specimen from Vancouver Island and you’ll get a peek at the rarest gem on earth, which is found in western Canada. You’ll find out why local geologists work closely with NASA and you’ll find out why geologists study honey (spoiler alert: it’s not because honey is delicious).

Tour for Adults

The adult presentation on Thursday, April 22 at 4:00 pm will include a presentation by Philippe Tortell – the head of the Department of Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences at UBC about the history and importance of Earth Day.

Tour for Kids

The tour for kids on Saturday, April 24 has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

Daniel Gowryluk is the Education Outreach Coordinator & Assistant Curator at the Pacific Museum of Earth at the University of British Columbia. He’s celebrating his 20th year working in museums and is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge of fossils, minerals & natural disasters.

Dr. Philippe Tortell is the head of the Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences at UBC and a sea-going oceanographer with broad interests in marine biogeochemical cycles.

Tickets to Virtual Earth Day Tour of the Pacific Museum of Earth are only $5.