Explore the North with Dominique Prinet

Dominique Prinet flew bush planes in the Arctic from 1966 to 1971. At the time, he wrote articles about his adventures for Aviasport, a French aviation magazine. Those articles–and a few more of his stories–were collected into a book, Flying to Extremes: Memories of a Northern Bush Pilot that came out in March.

Prinet will be sharing stories at a virtual book talk at 4:00 p.m. on May 6, 2021. And these are stories worth hearing. He’s had a floatplane sink in the Arctic Ocean and a ski plane go through the ice at the edge of the tundra. Prinet carried passengers in -60º F. He flew in blizzards and fog over the frozen tundra.

There will be stories about prospectors, bars, brawls and gold theft. And tales about the colourful characters you can find only in the north: trappers miners and adventurers. And there will be tales about Prinet’s interactions with the Inuit.

The book talk will include images of the Northwest Territories the floatplanes and ski planes Prinet flew and the First Nations and Inuit people he met during his time working in the north.

Dominique Prinet moved from France to British Columbia in 1965. He worked as a bush pilot along the B.C. coast in 1965 and in the Northwest Territories from 1966 to 1971. He earned a degree in engineering at UBC and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at McGill. He a VP at Nordair in Montreal, then VP at Canadian Airlines in Vancouver. He was responsible for the turnaround and management of Air Tanzania (East Africa) for five years under a World Bank project. When he retired he became a sailing instructor in Vancouver.

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