The Vancouver Maritime Museum is pleased to announce a contest that will put two lucky frontline workers and three of their friends in the front row for private viewings of upcoming shows in the Celebrate Canada virtual concert series.

Contest winners will get to watch concerts that are being performed on the deck of the historic St. Roch. The concerts will also be live streamed on our Facebook Page at 7:00 pm. The contest winner and their three friends will be the only members of the public inside the museum during the concert. 

You can nominate an essential services worker who has served  Vancouver during the COVID-19 pandemic by emailing or by using the hashtag #FrontRow4Frontline on Twitter or Instagram with details about who they want to nominate and why. Winners will be announced on Tuesday July 21 and Tuesday July 28.

These are the performances that frontline workers have a chance to see:

The Colorifics

July 23 – 7:00 pm

Always entertaining, a Colorifics show is a constant stream of colour, genres and rhythms woven in a tapestry of melodies, now slow and sweet, now fast and intricate. Their unique original songs that rival jazz standards of the past and pop hits of today. Executed with poise, class, professionalism and a lot of sass, the music of The Colorifics is a welcome refreshment for the musical soul. 

Winners announced Tuesday, July 21

Rumour Mill

July 30 – 7:00 pm

Aline Daigle (violin/vocals) and Anna Katarina (piano/vocals) infuse their classical jazz training with modern spirit to create aeffervescent cocktail of indie pop with twists of folk and country. Their distinct sound includes plush vocal harmonies, violin, keyboard, driving groove and lyrics that weave the listener through an exploration of timeless themes such aheartache, joy, love and adventure.

Winners announced Tuesday, July 28