If you have a talent, use it in every which way possible. Don’t hoard it. Don’t dole it out like a miser. Spend it lavishly, like a millionaire intent on going broke. – Brendan Francis

Last week we looked at time, one of the pillars of giving. This week, we turn our attention to talent. In our experience, the two overlap heavily. Those who donate their time to us are also generous in sharing their talents. This is certainly true of marine artist and Order of British Columbia recipient John Horton who has been extremely generous with the VMM over the years.

Horton’s immense talent makes his time so invaluable. John is a celebrated artist; his marine paintings, many of them depicting historic events such as the voyages of Captains Vancouver and Cook, hang in major museums and private collections all around the world.

John recently shared his talents via a virtual presentation about his life and work. It was an amazing event that featured gorgeous samples of his work and advice for artists. The presentation was so good, we want everyone to see it.

John has shared his talents with us in many other ways. He helped to create and promote one of the VMM’s most successful small exhibitions on Captain Vancouver. The exhibition included 25 reproductions of John’s paintings, and the opening was so well-attended there wasn’t room inside for all the guests.

Horton’s talents are not limited to visual arts and his relationship with the sea is not limited to painting it. Horton has been involved in ocean rescue operations since immigrating to Vancouver in the late 1960s. He was initially a member of the civilian corps of the Auxiliary Coast Guard and then in 1988 he established and independent rescue organization, the Canadian Lifeboat Institution.

The VMM had an opportunity to reciprocate John’s generosity several years ago when a Canadian Lifeboat Institution boat had an accident. We hosted a successful fundraiser to cover the cost of the repairs.

John tells us that he’s benefitted from the museum as a resource.  “ I am sure I am not alone when I say what a research treasure the Vancouver Maritime Museum is.  As a marine artist I have used the library along with display models and artifacts for over 50 years.  Combined with this has been the knowledge of its curators over the years from whom I have gleaned much.    Thank You!”

The museum is available as a resource for any artist, storyteller, researcher or interested citizen who wants to take advantage of what we have to offer. Our talented archivist and curator and the rest of the collections team are always happy to offer their assistance. Help us continue to be a resource for our community by making a donation today.