Heritage Harbour

Restoration and Revitalization

Heritage Harbour is the Vancouver Maritime Museum’s tangible link to the ocean. The harbour provides a refuge for 17 vessels that represent decades of maritime history. For almost 40 years, Heritage Harbour has been home to vessels with a strong connection to the history of the West Coast or the Arctic.  

Free to access and open to the public during daylight hours, Heritage Harbour is an outdoor exhibition. It gives the community a unique opportunity to learn about maritime history.

After four decades of operation, Heritage Harbour requires major replacement and restoration work. This work is needed for the harbour to continue to function as a safe and accessible moorage, visitor attraction and dock. 

The revitalization of Heritage Harbour will ensure that this living exhibition continues to thrive as a hub for education, tourism and the community. 

To learn more about the restoration and revitalization project please contact development@vanmaritime.com 


wooden tug boat
docked wooden boat, Mysterion
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