Welcome to a one-of-a-kind, time-limited series of Escape Room adventures at the Vancouver Maritime Museum!


During the evening, be prepared to step into the shoes of famous Canadian rum runners, searching for their illicit cargo, which has been hidden in the museum in order to escape the hands of rum-running pirates. Celebrate your victory by watching the sunset on our terrace while making new friends and enjoying prohibition-era-inspired cocktails (and mocktails) and snacks. *

* A featured drink and a snack are included with the ticket


The “Jumpin’ the Line” events are a series of clue- and puzzle- based interactive experiences similar to escape rooms/live scavenger hunts. Over the course of these 2 hour events, 5 different teams of up to 5 people each will explore the Museum’s “A Wet and Wild Coast: Rum Running during Prohibition” exhibit as well as several other gallery locations throughout the Museum in the process of following clues, decoding messages, and learning about the history of rum running in Vancouver and the West Coast of Canada.

Each group will take on the identity of one of five Canadian rum runners, and learn about their relationships and experiences during Prohibition. Groups will receive clues and notes from their rum runner identity’s family members, acquaintances, and other prominent rum runners that will help them solve puzzles and find clues hidden throughout the museum.

These interactive escape room experiences will prioritize teamwork and collaboration, alongside puzzle-solving and creative thinking skills, as well as giving visitors a deeper understanding of Canadian rum running and the players that were key in keeping the operation going.

Once attendees have completed their mission, groups will gather on the VMM terrace for Prohibition-themed drinks, snacks, and music to celebrate their success!*

*One featured drink and a snack are included with the ticket. Additional snacks and drinks may be purchased at the event at an additional charge.


Event Schedule

6:15-6:30 Groups arrive

6:30-6:45 Orientation

6:45-7:45 Groups will have up to 1 hour to explore the Museum and follow the clues to their cargo

7:45-8:30 Drinks, snacks & discussion on the terrace (weather permitted)


Event dates

Friday, May 19th

Friday, June 16th

Friday, July 21st

Friday, August 18th