This week we have a guest post from our summer intern. We’re looking forward to getting to know her better. 

My name is Isabelle, and I am very excited to be the new outreach intern at the Vancouver Maritime Museum. Working alongside other museum staff, I will spend the next three months developing an outreach kit and school program about immigration, migration and refugees. This topic is of both personal and academic interest to me.

I am very excited on a scholarly level to start this project about people, ideas and objects moving across and around the Pacific Ocean. As a history and international relations student at UBC, I am very interested in oceans as places of connection rather than separation, both in the past and today. In fact, I am even writing my honours thesis about interactions between Pacific indigenous peoples and various European groups in and around the Pacific Ocean 150 years ago.

I look forward to sharing the process of creating these programs with you all, and I welcome any comments or suggestions!

Isabelle will be posting regularly with updates on her project. 

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