A Virtual Event for Kids

When you think of a pirate you probably picture a peg-legged eyepatch-sporting seaman who loved rum and sailed the Caribbean seas. This is a Hollywood construction made up of myths, truths, half-truths and lies. Which stories about pirates are true and which are pure fiction? Sign up for Not All Pirates Looked Like Captain Jack Sparrow to get find out.

Our programs supervisor Dennis Chen will evaluate all of the beliefs about pirates in this history of the pirates of the world. He’ll address all of the myths – some will be confirmed while others will be debunked. We won’t spoil the fun by telling you which myths are true. We will tell you that you’ll meet pirates you’ve never heard of before and you’ll hear stories sure to surprise. You’ll learn about female pirates and you’ll discover what a day in the life of a pirate looked like.

This presentation draws from material in the Vancouver Maritime Museum’s school program about pirates and from Chen’s research as a graduate student. It’s ideal for kids, and adults will find it entertaining and informative as well. The presentation will include images and video excerpts and an opportunity for audience questions.

Dennis Chen has been the programs supervisor and volunteer coordinator at the Vancouver Maritime Museum since 2017. At the VMM Dennis leads and develops and presents education programs such as the Pirates program. Chen is also a member of the Department of Asian Studies Faculty at Alexander College where he teaches courses on China. He has been involved in a variety of nautical publications on the Ming Dynasty Voyages and the Byzantine Navy.

Not All Pirates Look Like Captain Jack Sparrow is free for all. To gain access to the event on December 3 at 9:30 am, get a free ticket using the button below.