VMM Outside Learning Guide

Ahoy there and welcome. We’re glad you’re exploring the outdoor displays at the Vancouver Maritime Museum. There’s lots to discover here, and these questions will help you get more out of your visit. To learn the answer to any of the questions select the + symbol in the answer box.

Question 1

On the front lawn of the VMM lies a huge sandstone column. What is the name of the ship that sunk while carrying the column in 1872?

photo of a stone column on the grass in front of the Vancouver Maritime Musuem

Answer to Question 1

The ship is called the Zephyr

Question 2

Where was the sandstone column made?

Answer to Question 2

The sandstone column came from Newcastle Island, Nanaimo.

Question 3

Can you find the large boiler from the steamship Beaver outside of the VMM? The Beaver was the first wooden paddle steamship on the Pacific Northwest coast. What year did the Beaver arrive?

Photo of a large metal boiler behind a fence.

Answer to Question 3

The Beaver arrived on the coast in 1836.

Question 4

The Beaver was shipwrecked in 1888.  Where did the ship sink?


Answer to Question 4

The Beaver sank at Prospect Point.

Question 5

The submarine Ben Franklin housed seven men on her famous “Gulf Stream Drift Mission.” Name the three countries where these men were from.

A photo of a white and yellow submersible.

Answer to Question 5

The men were from the United States, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. 

Question 6

Did you know that NASA was involved in the Ben Franklin’s mission? What was NASA studying?

Answer to Question 6

NASA was studying human interactions in confined quarters. 

Question 7

Head down to Heritage Harbour and find the RCMP Patrol Vessel Nadon. The Nadon famously recreated the voyage of a historic Canadian ship. Which ship was it?

Photo of a police vessel.

Answer to Question 7

The Nadon recreated the voyage of the St. Roch.

Question 8

While you’re at Heritage Harbour, can you find and name three other historic wooden boats?

photo of a ramp leading to a harbour.

Answer to Question 8

The historic boats include North Star of Herschel Island, Mysterion, Fantasie II, Ern, Poseidon, Time, Ella McKenzie, Molly Sparks, Winsome III, Legenda, Moonbeam, Sylvester, Ruggen and Providence

Question 9

While down at Heritage Harbour, can you find our little library and tell us its name?

Answer to Question 9

The little library is the W.B. & M.H. Chung Little Library.

Question 10

There are several anchors scattered around the outside of the VMM. How many can you find?

photo of large anchor in the grass.

Answer to Question 10

There are a total of 8 anchors! Can you find them all?

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