Meet the Artist

The VMM feature exhibition If I Lived in the Ocean is layered with meaning. Building on years of research, collaboration and creative work, artist Paula Nishikawara has created a complex exhibition that ignites the imagination.

On October 16, at 2:00 p.m., Nishikawara will talk about the concepts and processes in developing and creating If I Lived in the Ocean and the topic of plastics in the ocean, one of the central themes in the show.

Nishikawara will discuss the significance of the unusual materials she discovered and used in the exhibition, her sources of inspiration and her connection to nature and the environment. 

She’ll share about her practise of  gyotaku. the Japanese art form of making prints using real fish. Nishikawara is giving Gyotaku workshops at the museum, and you’ll learn how original pieces created by workshop participants have become part of the exhibition.

Nishikawara launched If I Lived in the Ocean with a performance in the ocean just outside the museum. She’ll talk about the genesis of the performance piece – its commentary on fast fashion, plastic waste, global warming, and a look at mythical water goddesses and symbolism. The video of the performance (we’ve seen some preview footage – the video is stunning) will be shown during the artist talk. 

Nishikawara is passionate about creating experiences through her art. A concern for ocean environments, fish, fishing practices, the shipping industry, plastic pollution, human responsibilities and behaviours and many other challenges of our times formed the basis for her multi-disciplinary concepts and work here. 

Paula Nishikawara is an artist interested in the examination of truth, with much of her interaction and inspiration coming from vast personal experiences and relationship with nature and the natural world. Her artworks are multi-dimensional and experiential. She likes to engage her audience’s senses and emotions through alternative uses of space, subtle details, and  offering the unexpected. Her work welcomes visitors to be curious, question collective habits and be moved. 

Nishikawara welcomes engagement with her audience and the evening will include an opportunity for questions and conversation.

Tickets to the Paula Nishikawara Artist talk are $13.50 for adults, $11 for seniors and free for members. Ticket price includes free admission to the museum. To get your member’s promo code to book a free ticket, email

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Please note that BC Public Health guidelines require attendees to present proof of vaccination for this event.