Kindergarten to Grade 3

90 minutes

In this program kids learn what life was like aboard a pirate ship through stories of infamous early seafarers. They’ll discover there’s more to a pirate’s life than you find in movies or books.

Program Structure

  • 10-minute introduction
  • 45 minutes of program activities
  • 5-minute wrap-up

 Big Ideas

These concepts are covered in the program:

  • Rights, roles and responsibilities shape our identity and help us build healthy relationships with others.
  • Our rights, roles and responsibilities are important for building strong communities
  • Individuals have rights and responsibilities as global citizens.
  • People from diverse cultures share common experiences.


Social Studies

  • Needs and wants of individuals and families
  • Rights, roles and responsibilities of individuals and groups
  • Relationships between a community and its environment
  • Diverse cultures, backgrounds and perspectives
  • Diverse characteristics of communities and cultures
  • How people’s needs and wants are met in communities
  • Aspects of life shared by and common to peoples and cultures
  • Relationships between humans and their environment

Curriculum Connections

Social Studies

  • Use Social Studies inquiry processes and skills to
    • ask questions
    • gather, interpret and analyze ideas
    • communicate findings and decisions
  • Sequence objects, images, and events, or explain why some aspects change and others stay the same
  • Ask questions, make inferences and draw conclusions about the content and features of different types of sources 
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