Sea Signals

Communications at Sea

A Virtual Exhibition


The VMM has partnered with the Langara College Design Formation program to present our first virtual exhibition, Sea Signals. The exhibition launched June 1 2021 and can be seen at

Sea Signals explores history of communications at sea over the past century with a focus on how developments in marine communications impacted British Columbia and the Arctic.

The exhibition includes:

  • Morse code
  • Radio communications
  • Flags
  • Shipwrecks
  • Aids to communication

Sea Signals was originally planned as a physical exhibition, but circumstances required the Langara students to pivot and create a virtual exhibition. To build the exhibition, the five design teams each worked on a subtopic, creating a multi-media experience with a unique look for each aspect of maritime communications. The virtual exhibit also features a 3D fly-through animation of the plans for the physical exhibition.

The Design Formation program at Langara is a two-year multi-disciplinary program that prepares students for careers in design.

This page will link to the virtual exhibition on January 18, 2021. To receive an email when the exhibition is live, sign up for our newsletter.

a drawing of am anchor