Silent Witness: Photographs of Shipwrecks is a feature exhibition on view now at the Vancouver Maritime Museum. The exhibition features 60 stunning photos by Italian photographer Stefano Benazzo. Since we are unable to invite you to an exhibition launch, we have arranged a virtual presentation where you will get to meet Stefano Benazzo and learn about his work. Silent Witness with Stefano Benazzo is on April 11 at 11:00 a.m.

Since 1969, Stefano Benazzo has travelled the world to photograph stranded shipwrecks and has shot more than 45o wrecks in dozens of countries. His mission is not to create an encyclopedia of shipwrecks—there are thousands all over the world—but instead to introduce audiences to the tragedies, the sufferings and the dramatic lives of the sailors who worked aboard these vessels.

At Silent Witness, Benazzo will talk about his life as a photographer. He’ll talk about the month he spent sailing in the southern Atlantic Ocean in the Falkland/South Georgia area. He’ll share stories about searching for wrecks on the Skeleton Coast in Namibia. And he’ll talk about driving around Brittany in France searching for shipwreck sites.

Travelling the world to shoot shipwrecks has not been an option for Benazzo for the last year due to Covid-19. He’s been busy though, immersing himself in one of his other passions: building architectural models. He’ll share some of his recent projects at Silent Witness.

Stefano Benazzo is a man of many talents and passions. He has a degree in political science, has worked in the news industry and enjoyed a successful career as a diplomat. He served at the Embassies of Italy in Bonn, Washington DC, Moscow, Belarus, and Bulgaria. As an artist he has had 40 personal exhibitions and has participated in 30 collective exhibitions. He has published three books and six catalogues of his work. He also builds and collects model boats, ships, cars and motorcycles.

Tickets for Silent Witness with Stefano Benazzo are only $5 (free for members). To get your access code for free members’ tickets, email