Please join us for the opening reception of Souls Ignited by Cora deVos!

Souls Ignited is a celebration of 20 intimate portraits from Inuk photographer Cora DeVos’s continuous and multi-year project The Gold Series. Self-love and the expression of Inuit culture and tattoos are at the heart of this exhibition, so much so that DeVos travelled across Canada visiting Taloyoak, Cambridge Bay, Ottawa, and Vermillion to take photographs of Inuk women and their markings.

With the art of tattooing being stolen from Inuit culture through residential schools and colonization, DeVos advocates that it’s time to celebrate women and their reclaimed skin. Dressed in gold dust, this group of multi-generational mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends are celebration personified. Each woman’s tattoo tells a story of her life and is a symbol of her culture and identity. Testimonies from many of the women are coupled with their photographs, providing visual and written evidence of their resiliency, power, and beauty. Gold was chosen as the color of this celebration, because gold is almost as beautiful as the women’s markings.

DeVos’ work has appeared in multiple magazines and newspapers. Her photography is featured heavily in the book Reawakening Our Ancestor’s Lines (2017), which documents the Inuit Tattoo Revitalization Project and the process of reclaiming a nearly lost art form. DeVos even has pieces in museums across the globe from Montreal, Peru, Finland and Poland. DeVos’ Gold Series will be featured in Chatelaine magazine’s November 2022 issue.


Date: October 21, 2022
Time: 6:00 pm
Tickets: Free event/Limited amount of tickets
Place: Vancouver Maritime Museum