Visitors to the museum rarely pass up an opportunity to climb aboard the St. Roch and explore the historic vessel. They frequently ask to see the engine room. We don’t allow the public in the engine room often, but on St. Roch Sundays, we host guided tours.

Covid-19 has changed that, sadly. The engine room is a tight space, and it’s impossible to adhere to the social distancing measures required to slow the spread of coronavirus. 

That is why we are introducing virtual tours of the St. Roch. Our first tours are scheduled for this Sunday, July 12. We have tours at 11:00 am and 2:0o pm.  Tours are only $5, and you’ll get the chance to learn all about this amazing vessel from docents who are intimately acquainted with the history and workings of the ship. 

There are advantages to virtual tours: more people can take part in  this behind-the-scenes tour because we’re not limited by how many can safely fit in the tiny space. Those with mobility issues can join the tour, and the opportunities to ask questions is greater. We’re very excited to be offering virtual tours, and we hope you’ll join us this Sunday. 

To book your place, just select one of the buttons below to buy a ticket.