The Sea and Me

Alternative creations studio

A red tapestry.

On view:  May 20th to October 22nd, 2023.


Among all the topics that were explored, one commonality and shared passion was the life that exists inside the ocean. We held a discussion regarding how people play a role in the health of sea life. We looked at our collection of recycled plastics and how these materials can commonly be found in the ocean.  As a studio, we wanted to facilitate a collaborative piece that speaks to this. We created a scene with vibrant fish and sea plants made with plastics collected over the span of many months including: plastic bottles, bottle caps, single-use food containers, newspaper strapping etc.  Placing these fish in front of recycled fabrics that have been splashed with blues and greens, ultimately creates a playful scene of romanticized sea life.


Although most of the artworks depicted in the show highlight the beauty and charm of living by the sea, we hope upon viewing this collection, one is inspired to reflect upon, and deeply contemplate how crucial and influential our role is to the health of our ocean, especially those who are fortunate enough to live close to it and call Vancouver home.