Canada Day Programming Change

The recent public discourse on the implications of Canada Day celebrations has caused us at the VMM to rethink our approach to the national holiday. Part of that process has been the decision to cancel our virtual programming for Canada Day.

We recognize that for many years museums—the VMM included—have not fulfilled our mandates to provide representations of history that work to include a diverse array of perspectives. We are working to address this and commit ourselves to sharing the stories, culture and traditions of those who have been omitted from historical accounts. We are also committed to providing a platform for the voices of the people of these communities.

This year for Canada Day, we invite our audiences to reflect on the impact colonialism has had on Indigenous communities in Canada and to learn about the Indigenous communities in their area. We are offering free admission to the museum on July 1, and we encourage visitors learn about Canoe Cultures, a local Indigenous-led initiative to teach young people to build racing canoes. We will also be providing additional educational material onsite.