Perfect for kids who are marooned inside.

There is more to a pirate’s life than you see in movies or read in books! In our Pirates program, children learn what life was like aboard a pirate ship as they explore the stories of some of the most infamous early seafarers. They also get to colour ships, treasure chests, pirates and more. Download these colouring sheets for your own pirate adventure at home.

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1. Ship:
Climb (colour) aboard your very own pirate ship. This one is a Galleon.
Fun Fact: Pirates used many different kinds of ships.

2. Captain:
Every ship needs a captain. What colours will you wear as captain?
Fun Fact: Captains were voted in by the ship’s crew.

colouring sheet with a drawing of a pirate and the words Colour Me Piratical!

3. Crew:
Every captain needs a crew. Will you colour one or more?
Fun Fact: Every crew member got a share in the treasure, determined by their pirate code of conduct.

4. Flag:
Every pirate crew raised their own pirate flag (known as a Jolly Roger). What will yours look like?
Fact: Pirate flags were meant to scare ships into surrendering without a fight.

5. Treasure Chest:
It looks like your flag worked! What will you colour in your treasure chest?
Fact: Pirates stole more than just gold, silver, and diamonds from other ships, they also stole everyday items like food.

6. Treasure Map:
Now that you and your crew have a treasure chest, it is time to bury it. Where will you decide to bury it on the island?
Fun Fact: One of the most famous buried treasures is thought to be on Oak Island.

We hope you enjoyed your pirate adventure. And don’t forget to tag @vanmaritime if you share your pictures on social media.