Know a little one who might want to be a tugboat captain?

Tugboats may be small but their role in the harbour is big. In our Tugboats for Tykes program, we offer kids in preschool to kindergarten the opportunity to discover how tugboats keep the harbour moving. Our #VirtualVMM program includes tugboats—and more—for kids to colour.

Share these colouring activities the young people in your life. You can also share their creativity with us. Tugboat captains (with help from parents) can post one or more of their colouring sheets on social media. Tag us at @vanmaritime on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtag #VirtualVMM.

Happy Tugboat. What colour will yours be?
Fun Fact: Tugboats help to make sure all ships in a harbour are kept happy.

hand-coloured picture of a tugboat with a cat on it.
Seaspan Queen Tugboat (with Tripod the Cat).
Fun Fact: Cats make good pets on a ship.

hand-coloured drawing of the parts of a tugboat.
Want to know the parts of a tugboat? Some colour will brighten it up.
Fun Fact: Tugboats come in different shapes and sizes.

Seaspan Queen Tugboat’s Wheelhouse. What colour will your controls be?
Fun Fact: The captain steers a tugboat.

To learn more about the controls, download the Seaspan Control Panel Definitions PDF along with the colouring sheet.

We hope you enjoy this activity, and we’d be thrilled to see it online. If you share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, tag us at @vanmaritime and use the hashtag #VirtualVMM.