Pirate name: Ahrrrrmeen

People choose to volunteer at the VMM for many different reasons. Sometimes it’s chance. One of our most engaged volunteers, Ameen Kanji, heard about the volunteer opportunities at the Vancouver Maritime Museum from a friend at work. And he has ended up volunteering with us for 17 years. We hope he continues for many more. 

Ameen volunteers as a docent up to four times a week, leading school programs. He teaches students topics like:

  • Extreme Environments
  • Sailors at Sea

In the Extreme Environments program, Ameen talks about deep ocean exploration and how technology can be used to overcome challenging conditions. He shows students  techniques they can use to design a submersible.

In the Sailors at Sea program Ameen guides students back in time to discover what life at sea was like 200 years ago. He also helps students test their navigation skills at Heritage Harbour.

The interaction with students is Ameen’s favourite part of volunteering at the VMM. And he brings an enthusiasm that gets kids engaged in learning. In addition to teaching young people, Ameen likes travel, cycling, hiking, swimming, live theatre and visiting museums and art galleries.

Before his retirement Ameen was a physician. He considers the care he gave his patients his greatest accomplishment. We suspect he is such an enthusiastic volunteer because some part of him needed to serve his community after he retired.

Ameen considered being car salesperson in retirement. He probably would have been successful – he’s one of those people who is good at many things. He says the docent gig is so much more fulfilling. We’re glad he feels that way because we’ve certainly enjoyed having him around.

To learn more about volunteering at the VMM visit our volunteer page.