Leonard G. McCann Archives

The Vancouver Maritime Museum Archives is named for Leonard G. McCann, Curator Emeritus of the Vancouver Maritime Museum. To date, the archival collection includes over 85 processed fonds and collections related to vessels, shipping companies, and maritime personalities of the Pacific and Arctic Oceans. As records are processed, new descriptions will be added to our online collections database.

What’s in the Archives?

All of the two-dimensional primary source materials in the museum’s collections fall under the archives category. This includes textual records (personal papers, ship’s logs, correspondence, etc.), photographs (prints, slides, negatives), ship plans, maps, charts, engravings, and more! To find out what specifically is in the archives, please visit our online collections database.

Looking for three-dimensional objects such as model ships, framed artwork, textiles, furniture, and more? The Curatorial department takes care of these objects, so you should reach out to the Curator of Collections at

Visit the Archives

Have you looked at our database yet? Your first step should be to visit our database to determine whether we have anything in our collections that will be relevant to your research. Once you’ve done that, you can either fill out the Researcher Registration Form below or email the Librarian & Archivist at to make an appointment to visit us in-person. Please note, the Museum does not currently have an Archivist, so responses may be delayed. 

How Do I Donate Archival Materials to the Museum?

Thank you for your interest in donating to the museum! Please note that we do not accept unsolicited donations, including “drop-offs” or “mail-ins”. If you would like to donate archival materials, you must first reach out to the Librarian & Archivist at

Before donating, please consider:

    • Does your donation consist of primary source, historical material?
    • Is it related to the Pacific and Arctic Oceans?
    • Is it maritime?

    We greatly appreciate your support of our collections!

Schedule of Fees 

Photocopies: $0.50/page
Colour laser photocopies: $1.00/page
Scans (digital copies in PDF format of records): $2.00/page
*Prices are based on letter size (8.5 x 11") paper

Scanning fee (charged if image is not currently digitized): $20.00/image
Digital image is emailed or sent using a file-sharing program (up to 11" x 14" @ 300 DPI): $25.00/image
Digital audio or video copies: $50.00/file
*Custom digital order and high-resolution images may cost extra

Digital phograph(s) of artifact by curator: $40.00/artifact

Print publications (magazine, newsletter, report, book, website): $30.00/image
Television broadcast, films: $120.00/image
News media: no charge

A fee may be charged for detailed reference inquiries that require the librarian to spend more than 30 minutes working on a specific request: $40.00/hour
*1 hour minimum charge

Subject to availability
Orders are processed within 10 business days of receipt: 100% surcharge

Prices vary based on volume/size of order
Handling fee applies to large mail orders and oversized reproductions
*Visit the Canada Post website for current prices for shipping and postage

5% GST applies to all purchases from the museum whether the purchaser is a Canadian resident or not. Taxes are payable on all user fees. Custom orders using a third-party vendor are subject to both GST and PST (12%)

Orders are porcessed within 30 business days of receipt. Smaller orders may be competed in 7 to 10 days. Orders requiring special hanndling such as charts and other oversized documents, panoramas and large orders may require more time to process; rates are determined by third-party vendor. 

Prices are subject to change without notice.  Email archives@vanmaritime for details.

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