Three harbour seals

Children’s Gallery

Enjoy hands-on activities that make learning fun for kids of all ages. Kids can explore all aspects of  Vancouver waterfront and port—the natural and built environments—with games, activities and interactive displays.


Explore the built environment of the largest port in Canada. Learn about the many different ships that visit the Port of Vancouver and how they are part of your everyday life. Kids can immerse themselves in the activities in the port by playing with miniature cranes and loaders.



drawing of a ship.


Climb aboard a boat drawing brought to life. This fantastical creation is sure to inspire.  While on board, kids can learn about different jobs people do on boats.  And they can build their own miniature ships with a selection of magnetic ship parts.


The children’s gallery is designed to ignite the imagination. From the fantastical ship to the Idress-up area, opporuntinites for make-believe abound.  Kids can play with marine creature cosutmes, and pretend they’re an orca, an octopus or a seastar.


Play along the shore with the stepped shoreline kids can climb on and learn about the different plants and animals in a BC marine environment. Species featured include:

  • harbour seals
  • herons
  • starfish
  • seaweed
  • sea anemones
  • seagulls
  • shellfish
  • and more

There’s and element of play in every section of the children’s gallery, and it’s the primary feature in the toddler zone. Our youngest visitors can meet seastars, fish and other creatures in an octopus cave. This section features soft climbing areas that toddlers can safely navigate.


The children’s gallery is made possible with the generous support of our sponsors.

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